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Website Design that entices visitors to take action.

web developers brisbaneWe have discussed getting visitors to your business website. Now it is time to have a closer look at the website itself, bearing in mind all the details we have discussed in our article about  how to get traffic on your website. Small business web design Brisbane is what we specialize in!

The design of your website is basically driven by: Your business and what you want to promote and all the factors that we have discussed regarding attracting visitors. Without visitors to your website nobody will see what you have to offer. But once they are there, we need to be very clear on your offer to your (potential) customers.

A good web design champions at aesthetics and functionality, but focuses on your website traffic conversion.

At W3 Website Design, website developer Brisbane, we have a process designed to capture from you what you want to express on your website. We will work out your message, offers and in general the ‘feel’ of your website. It is important for visitors to be able to match the feel of your website to what your business is about. Also, if you also have a physical workplace, like a shop or workshop, the vibes need to match. So in short it is important to present a well rounded whole.

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The number 1 mistake we see is that the offer of the business, and the way for the customer to take advantage of this offer, is not clear. Statistics show that we have only 5 seconds to get the customers attention and guide them into action. If your site is not helping them to make that choice, you lost them! A good small business web design will focus on call to action and make it easy!

We are specialists in conversion, so helping your visitors to become or stay your customers. This is done based on experience and knowledge of similar small business website designs, but also through test and measure and ongoing analytics of website visitors behavior.  Test and measure of the traffic conversion on your site will result in website conversion rate optimisation not only on your landing page but on multiple pages of your website!

A few more focus points for increased website conversion:small business web design brisbane

  • 3 second rule: if your site doesn’t load in 3-5 seconds, your visitor is gone.
  • 5 second rule: if your website visitor doesn’t get a clear indication what he needs to do, he is confused and will leave the page.
  • Creating multiple keyword optimized pages, with clear calls to action increases your chances of keeping the client interested.
  • Clever use of pictures and videos will help, good information creates credibility and retains visitor attention.

We often get questions about how much work is involved for the business owner when development of the new site is undertaken. We also notice that business owners tend to choose large, more expensive web development agencies because they are under the impression that this will ensure less work for them. Which is a logical choice, as a business owner you want to concentrate on what you do best.

With Webdesign, there is unfortunately not really a shortcut in this respect. Therefore, when you are local, choose your web design company Brisbane.

As business owner, you are the only one who can indicate what needs to go on the website, which pictures and videos would be appropriate and what the overall atmosphere of the site needs to be.

Once we have gone through the intake process, at W3 Website Design we can help you with copy writing, based on very clear guidelines on what needs to be included in the articles for your website. We are also able to connect you to photographers who understand websites and will be able to quickly deliver the desired material. All this at a low cost.

And then, when we have these basics sorted, you can leave it to us to put a well converting website together for you. After our initial setup, you can go through the website without leaving your home or business. Everything after the first intake can be done online. And when it is all done and you are up and running, you can also check website traffic online. We will make sure it is all setup in a way that is very easy to navigate for you.

The key to keeping your website in top shape is website optimisation. We discuss this in our next article, click here to read about website maintenance.


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