As a small business owner, your main task is to run your business and to acquire and retain customers. So it is very important to let a website design company help with that.web design company brisbane

I definitely said help, because a good website design starts with the small businesses’ customers in mind. If we can empathize with the customers, we can guess what he will be looking for, and how we can help the website visitors to find it. Then entice the small business website visitor through a tested website design to take action: call you, email you, make an appointment, buy online.

So how does Website Design Brisbane approach this?

First step is to have an intake with the business owner, or his or her representative. In this intake we will discuss what the goals of the website are and how we can implement this. We will also do some exercises for getting into your customers’ mind.

We go away with the data gathered during the first meeting to do some further research into you business and the business niche you are working in. We find out what Keyword phrases people are typing into google.  This research  (Keyword research is the foundation for search engine optimization) will then be used to build your website’s SEO optimized content. Using the right keywords in the best way will help your website to reach a high google ranking. This is very important because most small businesses do not have the enormous budget of the big companies for online advertising. So we want to use the web design for your small business as effective as possible to attract free, organic traffic from google and other search engines.

We than design and build your website for the best possible return on investment. We use proven, industry standard content management systems, so if you wish you can choose to add or change  information to the site yourself and/or it is easy for you to outsource that part of the work. We also run our own update and maintenance service. We just don’t like to force our clients into contracts with no other options.

Once the small business website is build, a regular maintenance will be beneficial. Google and other search engines like fresh, unique content. Google also regularly update their search rules, and website requirements. We keep on top of the new requirements and modify websites under our care to stay search engine optimized. Remember: the more google likes your site, the higher it will come up in your customers’ searches.

As our client you have the choice to have the website completely taken care of by us, and have it running on our cloud, or we can arrange for it to run on your website hosting provider.

Small Business Website Design Tips:

  • Design with the client in mind.
  • Talk to experts with experience in marketing and business, who will design a site focused on results
  • The website needs to be easy to navigate and clear about what you want the client to do.
  • The real value is in the follow up: SEO is not a one off job at the initial design stage.

We hope this information is useful to you as a small business, and these small business design tips will help you make a better decision on your online ventures.

If you have any questions or want to discuss your website goals, please feel free to call on 0406996440. We are a Brisbane based web design company. Happy to meet you if you are in the South East Queensland area, or we can have a discussion over the phone or Skype. We have clients in all of Australia, and in New Zealand.