Attract Website Visitors

Web marketing: the more traffic, the more potential customers…

Attracting visitors to your website is the base of your web marketing in Brisbane or other specific areas.

A website is only effective when it attracts traffic: people find the website by typing in specific words in their search engine (like Google).


So how to get traffic on your website?web marketing brisbane

There are many many books written on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and it comes down to a fine art.

There are several reasons why potential clients do not find your website:

1. The text on the most important subjects you want people to find you on, is kept too broad. Especially if the writing of the text on your website has been left to your website designer or developer, often they leave it with copy writers who don’t know enough details about your business. This is not their fault, they really cannot know everything to the level of detail required.

2. Too many pictures on the pages, and not enough text. To give the search engines information on what your site is about, they need text. If there is not enough text, the engines do not know enough about your business and website.

3. It is possible that the titles you use in your articles/pages, is not attractive enough for the search engines. To get traffic to your website, you need to give a certain amount of information in the titles, as this is used as a guideline by the search engines.

4. Many older websites are too slow with loading. There is extensive research showing how many seconds a person allows a website to load. If not done in time, the potential customer just clicks away and goes somewhere else. Many tools are available, for free or very low cost, to make sure your website loads quickly. These tools can be integrated with with tools to check website traffic. Your web marketing Brisbane company can help you with this.

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5. Design flaws, making your website unattractive to potential customers, are a reason for them to click away quickly. Important points here are unclear menus, pages loading on top of each other and just the wrong color combination! The total ‘feel’ of the website is way more important than you would expect. Also regarding these factors a lot of research is available.

6. Not enough communication around your website, for example through newsletters, listing in directories or social networking, can also be a reason why there is  low traffic to your website.

7.In the beginning, a website needs maturing. This means that the information needs to be absorbed by the search engines before it can be actively used to send potential customers to your site and that takes time. Off course, when people look for your specific URL, type in your specific website address, the site is straight away available. The more important process of getting your site ranked with the search engines can take months, depending on your business and location.

8.Keeping a website updated is very important. Not only do search engines see when you have done work and will they give your website “browny” points for that, it is also important for your customers. They want to see new things, otherwise they probably will not return to your website as it gets boring.

9.The final issue we can bring to your attention when we are discussing how to get traffic on your website, is building links, backlinks and optimisation of your images in general. These topics are quite specific and need longer term attention. To read more about this, see our Website Maintenance and Optimisation page.

An important issue to consider if you are mainly working in a local market,  is that there are ways to do a local search engine optimisation so you get found by people in your catchment area, and you are coming out on top against large international companies that have no relevance in the local market. Local SEO will promote and rank your website where it matters: In the (Google) searches of your local customers.

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