With everything happening online nowadays, it is a valid question: 

Should you look for a “website design company near me”?

The answer is, as often unfortunately, ambiguous. It is important that you talk directly to the web design lead or web designer that will work on your site. This will give you the advantage of pitching your ideas directly to the developer who will manage the process or will work on your site. Never better than to hear from the horse’s mouth…

Does that mean that you need to meet face to face? Well, not really. It is easy to set up a skype call, still see the person, and have the ability to show your examples through screen sharing. During the first consultation, we think it is much more important to make sure that you can convey your thoughts and feelings, that the website designer understands you and your business. Preferable the person who will drive the site design has experience in your business area, understands the terminology of the business and uses SEO research as foundation to build the site on. Even though the website company brings in their experience in SEO and client conversions on a digital platform, the process will flow easier if the designers have a good idea of what the client wants to achieve and has a clear idea of the profile of the website visitors.

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Another important consideration when choosing a  “website design company near me” is that you use the same language in the same market and by using a local web design company you create a local market. Let me explain that part: As part of a local business network, I will refer other clients to my website design clients for business. Local also brings in accountability: I know my referrals will go the extra mile because they feel a responsibility to me who is giving them the business, not only to their customer…The same goes for us as a website developer: We want to use your website as an example and referral for other clients, so we will do a great job.

website design australiaTalking about language: When using overseas agencies, the language barrier can be quite challenging. As we have done a lot of overseas travel for pleasure and work, and have worked with several overseas suppliers, we can tell very interesting stories of how misunderstandings can turn into expensive repairs. This is something that can easily be managed though, and the process of managing this is actually a process that should be used for any business interaction. If there are possible monetary consequences from a telephone conversation, so you discuss a change to a product (or your website) for example, make sure one of the parties in the conversation puts the decision points into a short email. That way both parties can re read what has been discussed and make sure it is clear what has been agreed on. The extra benefit is that this email can be shared with other people who have something to do with this meeting outcome. It sounds like it is extra work, which off course it is, but it can be done very quickly and can make sure every party is on the same page. This can potentially safe a lot of money down the track.


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