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Website Maintenance and Optimisation.


There are 4 aspects of Website maintenance:

Web security

Let us take the worry out of your website maintenance!

1. Improving and expanding content

Once your website is up and running and it is attracting visitors we can start to improve and expand. With modern tracking tools, we can see a lot about behavior of your visitors on your website. Based on these data, we can put a plan together to use the strengths of the website and improve on the weaker parts. Usually expanding the content is seen as the way to go. Unfortunately, also with website Optimisation, there is no ‘one size fits all’. Just randomly adding content can be confusing your visitors and cause them to click away! Adding a lot of content can serve your purpose, but this is not always the case.  Off course it is important to improve existing content as much as possible and make sure content stays up to date. Very simple things like a small change to your opening hours are easily forgotten, but can cause you to lose business

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2. Analysing performance regarding conversion

Related to the improvement and expansion of the content is conversion analysis. By tracking performance, and adjusting one step at a time, we test and measure customer behavior and will know what works, what doesn’t work and how to fine tune your site for optimum return. Every business is different, depending on location, niche market and history, so it is important to stay vigilant regarding the conversion results. Website maintenance is not a set and forget in this respect.

We can also add extra traffic channels through social media marketing or we can buy traffic by advertising online. It all depends on your niche market, return on investment and budgets. Once             buying traffic and online advertising is considered, it becomes very important to measure performance and to have a website optimization strategy in place

3. Security. This is about protection from the outside world

There are many possible threats to your website and your computer systems. Your website can be used as an entry into your business systems. There are many ways to protect your website and we need to make sure updates are regularly done so the latest available protection is installed for you. Hackers are continuously improving and finding new ways, we just have to make sure we are on their heels and prepared. Setting up and maintaining a security system is not complex or expensive, it just needs regular attention.

4. Backups 

Another important aspect is to make sure we prepare for the worst by making sure we have several backups available. Regular updates is part of a good website security strategy in this continuous changing digital environment. Automated backups are fantastic, unless they fail. Therefore it is important to do regular checks if the backup is working, and if the backed up material can be used during recovery operations. How much time and effort we put into this depends also on how critical the website is for your business. If a website is only for information, like menus and opening times of a restaurant, it is a little less devastating if the website is down for a few hours. If you have a website where people order products and services, with an automated booking system that people rely on, a few hours downtime can cost you dearly.

At W3 Website Design we offer a range of options for your website maintenance.website maintenance

You have an extensive range of choice when it comes to the level of maintenance work you can do yourself and what you want to leave to others. Off course this all depends on your own computer skills, your interest and the time you have available.

Modern tools are easy to use, but often problems arise when something out of the ordinary happens. The back-end of a website can be a bit daunting.

We can discuss your needs in this respect and offer you a personalised package.

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